My Name Is Nancy

Ask yourself who was the most influential person in Abraham Lincoln's life?

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The Journals of Nancy Hanks Lincoln

by Deborah Keller

Nancy Hanks Lincoln

Born: February 07.1784

Died: October 05, 1818

It has been said for years that Abraham Lincoln was born in Puzzle Creek, a small settlement in Rutherford County, NC. The Bostic Lincoln Center located near there is a testament to that belief.

"My Name is Nancy.....The Journals of Nancy Hanks Lincoln" by Deborah Keller explores Lincoln's roots in North Carolina. This historical fiction is a first person journal written by Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy from age 14 until her death at age 34.

Read the story of the life of an indentured young girl, how she finds love, suffers hardship, and discovers her true strength as she strives to raise her son to become the man he is meant to be.

Deborah Keller researched the life of Nancy Hanks Lincoln for 2 1/2 years patiently gathering the threads of what little was known and speculated about this mysterious woman to finally weave the tapestry that has become Nancy.

We all know the public story of Abraham Lincoln and his rise to greatness, now take a look at the private side of the man and the woman that made him the great leader he became.

In regards to the question above Abraham Lincoln's quote to a friend answers it simply "All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."